6 Baptised in Dinde, Hwange

20170930_154108The two-week evangelistic campaign in Dinde,  came to a close last Sabbath, 30 September 2017. Six (6) souls made a decision to follow the Saviour and were baptised on the final Sabbath. Thanks be to God for the first-fruits of a harvest we trust is sure to increase in the coming days. The Seventh-day Adventist Church was little known to the Nambia-speaking community of Dinde; for most it was their first time to hear of such a church. However, the Lord had appointed that His message of love, hope and redemption reaches His people in this area in the last two weeks

Having started on quite a low note, the effort progressed well over the 2 weeks with the number of laborers increasing to around 20, inclusive of church members from the area.The local people appreciated very much the work done by missionaries in the area; how they visited their homes, helped them with their daily chores and learned with them from the Bible. A health expo was conducted in the middle of the campaign, and those who came were thankful of the services rendered. On the final Sabbath, about 90 students from Dinde School, most of whom were less privileged or orphaned, received stationery to use in their studies. This brought wide smiles on those little faces, so eager were they to use the new materials. The parents who came also received Christian literature.

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The new church members will begin their church meetings this coming Sabbath.  The church was also given an area of land by the community leaders, just close to Dinde Primary School, without any financial charge. Mission Go is now working on building a church shade on this stand to help as a convenient place of worship. Two ‘global pioneer’ missionaries will also continue working with church for the next 3 months helping in nurturing and building up on the work.



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