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blur-bread-bun-534285We eat to live; we do not live to eat. It is amazing how food has a direct impact on our wellbeing as humans. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is critical to our lives and it must be taken with responsibleness. There are laws of health to be followed in order stay healthy and live long. These include good nutrition, proper exercise, drinking clean adequate water, adequate absorption of sunlight, good air intake, proper rest, temperance and trusting in God. All these are critical to our wellbeing, however in this article the focus will be on the benefits of maintaining a healthy diet.


Important Roles

The nutrients needed by our bodies are found in the food we eat. All these nutrients have important roles to play in the body and for them to be efficient they have to be absorbed properly into the blood system. It is highly advisable to eat foods that are wholesome than processed foods. “Grains, fruits, nuts and vegetables in their right proportion, constitute the food chosen for us by our Creator” (Ministry of healing pg 296.1). All our nutrition requirements are met through eating a variety of these foods. Food affects us physically and spiritually. For instance bananas contain vitamin B6 which has a cognitive function in our bodies. They also contain magnesium which facilitates electrical activity between the nerve cells and the brain. In other words, bananas help improve brain function. Tomatoes contain lycopene which helps against cardiovascular diseases. Onions are good for lung health. They reduce inflammation, lower cholesterol and help fight infection. Eating unrefined rice helps with the digestive system because it contains a lot of fiber. For good quality eyes, carrots should be taken regularly.

Believe it or not food has an impact on our spiritual lives

Faith, Diet Nexus

“Whether therefore ye eat or drink or whatsoever you do all for the glory of God” (1 Corinthians 10:31). Believe it or not food has an impact on our spiritual lives. Everything we do should give glory to God. Our choices of food preach a sermon to the world. Daniel and his friends helped demonstrate this when they were in Babylon. The king of Babylon changed their residence, their names and gave them a Babylonian education but they could not allow him to change their diet. This showed how important diet was to them. As the book of Daniel progresses we see the amount of faith and adherence to principle that the young men had. They always managed to stay firm and stand for what they believe in.

Wrong Eating Habits

On the other hand, the moral degradation of the people of Noah’s time, Lot’s time and the people who are living in this age and time can be traced to wrong eating habits. The Bible states that the groups mentioned above were eating and drinking (Matthew 24:37-39). Thus improper diet benumbs the mind, weakens the intellect, reasoning and judgment and on the other hand strengthens passions, feelings and emotions, thus greatly reducing ability to resist temptation.

What to Avoid

Some foods that are harmful to health include added sugar; excess fat, excess salt, just to mention a few. Sugar suppresses the immune system and we know that the immune system helps the body in fighting disease. Therefore when it is suppressed the body can no longer fight disease and it becomes weak and vulnerable. As a substitute for table sugar, one can use honey. It is a more natural sugar with health benefits. Excess salt in the diet can trigger high blood pressure. This is also the same when one eats a diet that is high in fat. The fat deposits constrict blood vessels causing the pressure of blood to increase. In the book Counsels on Diet and Foods the author shows that indigestion is caused mainly by wrong choices of food that people make. Through improper eating the digestive organs can become enfeebled and the blood impoverished. Therefore we need to be careful and select foods that promote a good digestive system. Indigestion can and has to be avoided

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