75 Baptised in Chirumanzu

Baptism candidates take vows at Mazvimba

A total of 75 people were baptised in Nyamande and Mazvimba, Chirumanzu following a two-week Mission Go evangelistic series that concluded on 16 June 2018. The meetings, which ran under the theme ‘At the Door’,  came to a wonderful conclusion with scores stepping forward to give their lives to the Savior.

There were 3 evangelistic sites in the area where services were conducted in the evening, and during the day there was house-to-house witnessing and Bible studies. Though on some days the weather got very cold, the young and energetic 70 plus missionaries braved the low temperatures and went forward proclaiming a loving, risen and soon-coming Redeemer. Many lives were touched through community service work that ranged from repairing doors and windows at schools, helping the old and weak in their gardening and laundry work, and insightful health talks were shared that helped many to take better care of themselves.

The local people came night after night to services to hear the Word preached and as a result 23 were baptised in the first week and 52 on the final Sabbath, bringing the total to 75. Wonderful testimonies were shared of many making commitments to forsake an old life of darkness to begin a new walk with the Lord.

A congregation has been set up to begin weekly Sabbath meetings at Mazvimba which in the past had never known any Adventist congregation in the community. A global pioneer missionary will remain in the area for the next couple of months helping the new believers in nurturing and growth. The district pastor, Pastor Ncube, expressed gratitude to Mission Go and all participants for the work done in the area. Though there still remains many other villages and communities without Adventist churches in Chirumanzu, Annual Mission 2018, was certainly a great step forward in advancing the light of the gospel to the region. The new-born believers will need our prayers and support in the journey ahead.

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