67 Baptized in Bulilima | Ministry News

Part of the Mission Go Evangelistic Team in Bulilima

There are times in life where we face the dilemma to either move forward or retreat backwards. Such was the experience in the just ended evangelistic series in Bulilima, in the south-western part of Zimbabwe.  Prior to the beginning of the meetings the atmosphere was a bit tense, being an election season, and there was great uncertainty in terms of the availability of resources and volunteers.

However, the Lord provided for His people and many braved to come share Jesus with the people in Bulilima. Two evangelistic sites were opened at Malopa and Madlambuzi , with the total number of mission workers being about 50 including local church members. The meetings ran from 29th of July to the 11th of August 2018.

…the Lord provided for His people and many braved to come share Jesus…

House-to-house witnessing was done during the day, and though language challenges were experienced, it being a largely Kalanga community, the people were very welcoming and receptive of the Word. At evening services the attendance was high, at about 60 each night at Madlambuzi, and though Malopa site had difficulties in the first week, the attendance also increased in the second week.

The area is hot, dry and sandy, but these conditions did not hinder the progress of the work. Sunday 5 August, a Community Day and Health Expo was held at Madlambuzi which was graced by some medical doctors from Bulawayo. The program attracted great attention in the community and many came to get free health checks and advice. The people were also assisted in repairing their home implements like wheel barrows, pots and cups as a welding machine was also freely provided.  A free barbershop and hairsalon was also available.

Baptism at Malopa, Bulilima

At the conclusion of the meetings on the final Sabbath, a total of 67 people, young and old, made a decision to follow the Saviour and were baptized. The new converts each received a Bible and a Manual of Bible Doctrine handbook. Much work remains to be done in the growth and nurturing of these new converts and our prayers and support will be needed in this journey.

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