36 Baptised in Nyanga | Ministry News

Pastor Mudonhi baptising a new church member

The two-week Mission Go evangelistic campaign in Nyanga came to a close on Sabbath 8 June 2019 and we are grateful to God for the thirty six (36) souls who took a stand to follow the Saviour and got baptised.  The seed of truth was nonetheless sown to many  hearts and we trust in due time the Lord will bring more into His fold.

Close to 80 missionaries attended the program with the mission work taking the form of house to house Bible studies and evening service meetings. Community service programs were also done which included a health expo that taught on the basics of healthful living. The newly baptised church members received each a Doctrinal Handbook. A few Bibles and hymn books were also provided.  As a way of nurturing the new believers, a lay evangelist will continue staying in the area for some months encouraging and worshiping with them. The Seventh-day Adventist message is still new to many parts of this area and due to pre-existing religions, resistance and reluctance to  the truth was met.  However, with more labor and prayer, we believe many can come to the knowledge of the Saviour.

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