34 Baptised in Beitbridge West | Ministry NEWS

Mr Moyo gets baptised in Madzivhe, Beitbridge

The Mission Go evangelism campaign in Beitbridge West came to conclusion on Sabbath 23 October 2021 after a successful 3-week mission period. Thirty-four (34) souls in total accepted Christ as their Saviour and were baptised to become members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The campaign had three (3) preaching sites in the predominantly Venda-speaking Madzivhe village of Beitbridge West and close to 40 mission workers doing house-to-house witnessing and evening services. Due to the prevailing Covid regulations, the usual activities like Health Expos could not be done, however the missionaries still maneuvered their way to share the tidings of the loving and soon-coming Redeemer. The new church members received each a Venda Bible courtesy of the ministry. A wheel chair was also donated to one person named Nation Moyo, son to Mr Moyo who hosted the missionaries at his place. Mr Moyo got baptised at the end of the meetings. Mission Go has engaged a lay evangelist who will work with the District Pastor to nurture the new believers and continue to raise interest for the cause of the truth in the next couple of months. More work remains to be done in Beitbridge West District as it has only about 250 Adventist Church members in a population upwards of 50000. We thank God for making this effort successful and we pray that He will send more laborers to His harvest-field.

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