29 Baptised in Binga | Ministry News

Baptised members pose with new Bibles in Binga, courtesy of Mission Go

The Mission Go evangelism campaign in Binga North came to conclusion on Sabbath 12 March 2022 after a successful 2-week mission period. Twenty-nine (29) souls in total accepted Christ as their Savior and were baptised to become members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The campaign had four (4) preaching sites in the predominantly Tonga-speaking villages of Siachilaba, Gaza, Bunsiwa and Zambezi. More than 40 mission workers attended doing house-to-house witnessing and evening services. The heaven-sent missionaries traversed the length and breadth of Binga North zealously proclaiming tidings of a soon-coming Redeemer. At the end of the campaign the newly-baptised church members received Tonga Bibles and Doctrinal Manuals, courtesy of the ministry. There were already existing Adventist congregations at Siachilaba, Gaza and and Bunsiwa, and we pray the new members will be well-integrated into these church communities, and join in the work of winning more souls to the truth. At Zambezi however, we learnt that an Adventist congregation had been planted around the year 1999, but had disintegrated many years back. More work and prayer will be needed to re-establish this congregation on a sustainable basis. Mission Go has engaged a Tonga-speaking lay evangelist (Global Pioneer missionary) who will work with the District Pastor to nurture the new believers and continue to raise interest for the cause of the truth in the area. We thank God for making this effort successful and we pray that He will send more laborers to His harvest-field.

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