92 Baptized in Mutoko | Ministry News

Candidates queue for baptism in Zvidozvavanhu, Mutoko, 23 July

The Mission Go evangelism campaign in Mutoko came to conclusion on Sabbath 23 July 2022 after a successful 2-week mission period. We thank God for the ninety-two (92) souls who accepted Christ as their Savior and were baptised to become members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The campaign had three (3) preaching sites in the villages of Zvidozvavanhu, Lhodes and Village 1. More than sixty (60) mission workers attended and heartily participated in house-to-house witnessing, evening services and literature distribution. The heaven-sent missionaries traversed the length and breadth of Mutoko zealously proclaiming tidings of the soon-coming Redeemer. A health expo was conducted in the midst of the campaign and scores came to receive free health consultation. In addition hundreds of copies of the book “Health and Wellness” were distributed for free in schools and the community at large.

The newly-baptized church members have since received each a Shona Bible and a Doctrinal Manual, courtesy of the ministry and another partner (just 15 are yet to get Bibles). This campaign witnessed the highest number of baptisms per campaign we have record in our history as a ministry and more continue to enlist for baptism. Mission Go has also now engaged two(2) lay evangelists (Global Pioneer missionaries/GPs) who are working with the District Pastor to nurture the new believers and continue to raise interest for the cause of present truth in the area. During preliminary survey visit to the area, prior to the campaign, we discovered that another group had evangelized the area not long back and many people had been baptized and a lay pastor had been engaged to minister to the flock. However, we also learnt that just after the lay pastor was transferred to another area, within a short time almost all the believers backslid such that when we arrived there was no longer any congregation in existence. As Mission Go we intend to avoid this mistake, in other words we plan to plant the church on a much more sustainable basis in the long-term. This will involve firstly identifying, grooming and training local church leaders who can run the church well even after redeploying our GPs to other areas.  Secondly, in light of post-pandemic regulations which prohibit church gatherings in schools, we intend to provide a decent place of worship for the brethren in Mutoko. Deliberations are now in motion to secure a stand for the church and erect a structure.  Prayers and support will be needed for this all-important work to be done.

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