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Expansive wattle and pine forests, steep ascents and descents, wild gorges, watersheds and gigantic mountains that tell of an all-powerful Creator,is the landscape terrain you meet in Nyanga.  At about thirty minutes past the 8 o’clock hour on an overcast and drizzly Sabbath (16 February 2019), a 9 member Mission Go Evangelism Team had arrived at Mountainview School, Nyanga town in wait for Elder Tembo and Elder Toma.  These were to be our assistants for the day as the team would tour Bonda, Mutasa on a pre-campaign area survey.

After picking the two gentlemen, we made a U-turn towards Kriste Mambo School and drove a 40km distance before turning left onto a dust road towards Macedonia Seventh-day Adventist Church. The church was in the midst of a Sabbath School class when we arrived with about 25 adults in attendance and a children’s class being conducted outdoors. The church has a well-built, neat and fully furnished edifice constructed about 20 years ago (1998), but however, the congregation still has company status as the membership is insufficient to make up an organized church.  After a briefing with Elder Mashayamombe, the company leader and conference Global Pioneer, Elder Chirikumarara got a chance to address the church on the upcoming Mission Go campaigns in May. The church responded positively with fervent amens to calls for total involvement in the efforts.

We then drove past one flowing stream, Fatima Catholic School, through some significantly populated village and got to the tarred road. Bonda Schools and Hospital (Anglican Institutions) were now in full view on our right but we had to turn left towards Bonda Seventh-day Adventist Church. We arrived at the church during divine service as the preacher gave an exegesis of Matthew 20 on the parable of the laborers. The congregation in attendance was about 10 adults and some children. The church worships in some log cabin, however there is a Maranatha steel structure erected just nearby about mid last year not yet being used and some bricks that have been molded. Again this congregation has company status. Elder Chirikumarara addressed the church on the same sentiment of total involvement.  The church promised to cooperate on the scheduled outreach efforts.

The region is generally dominated by Roman Catholic and Anglican denominations with a number of institutions (schools, hospitals and seminary) owned by the denominations. One Catholic institution goes as far back as 1896. Along the tour, the local elders highlighted a few Adventist companies that are scattered in the district and some that have disintegrated.  With our survey task accomplished we headed back towards Nyanga Seventh-day Adventist Church where we feasted on a sumptuous lunch courtesy of the church (they say the potatoes are grown on mountaintops). We exchanged farewells with the brethren and made our way back to the capital.

It is pleasing note the commitment the local church in Nyanga District has pledged to the scheduled outreach work. In the coming months they promised to be engaging in house-to-house efforts aimed at impacting and building ties with their community in preparation for the May campaigns. With our prayers and support we trust much can be done to bring the light of the Gospel to Bonda and win many souls into the everlasting kingdom. Maranatha!

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3 thoughts on “Bonda Preliminary Visit | Ministry News

  1. The work is indeed in need of more partners. May God arouse every man and woman especially those who have once been at NUST to support this mission again. It is us that God has entrusted his resources for the furthering of his gospel. While the souls of men are dying, and the master calls for you, let none hear you idly saying there is nothing you can do


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