The Gospel and COVID-19

Within less than three months of its emergence in the Chinese city of Wuhan, the coronavirus has spread to nearly all continents on the globe and has now been declared a global pandemic.  Events are being cancelled, lockdowns have been imposed on different communities.  Stock markets have taken a dive. People are reacting with fear … Continue reading The Gospel and COVID-19

Will there be a “Secret Rapture”?

Many Christians today hold different views regarding the manner of the second coming of Christ. But perhaps one view that has gained widespread popularity in modern mainstream Christianity is the ‘secret rapture’ teaching. The theme has also spilled into the entertainment industry with, for example, the 2014 release of the Christian blockbuster movie, Left Behind, … Continue reading Will there be a “Secret Rapture”?

Christ’s Final Church | MG Blog

In 2001, the World Christian Encyclopedia reported that there were, at that time, approximately 33 830 different Christian denominations in existence in the world. The number has undoubtedly grown much higher to the present day and further increases if we factor in the numerous sects and cults sprouting on a frequent basis. Moreover these denominations … Continue reading Christ’s Final Church | MG Blog

Understanding the Time | MG Blog

Daniel 2 contains one of the foundational prophecies vital to understanding apocalyptic prophecy. It is probably the first lesson one is to learn to understand end time prophecy. Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, had a troubling dream but the following morning he could not remember the dream. He then rounded up his wisemen and magicians demanding … Continue reading Understanding the Time | MG Blog

The Ultimate Triumvirate | MG Blog

In his 2015 encyclical, Laudato Si’, Pope Francis dwelt extensively on the need to preserve the environment, in particular pointing to climate change as a problem that needed to be urgently addressed. He went on to link the problem to the human abuse of the environment by mostly market-driven capitalist countries.  In the same year … Continue reading The Ultimate Triumvirate | MG Blog

The Marriage of the Lamb | MG Blog

January 25th 1308, Edward II of England wedded with Isabella of France known infamously as the “she-wolf of France”. The couple is said to have been very ill-matched. Edward, tall and handsome, had little interest in war and fighting and often got criticized for being light-minded, extravagant and given to too much gambling and drinking. … Continue reading The Marriage of the Lamb | MG Blog

Revelation’s Two Women, Part 1 | MG Blog

In this two-part series we will look at the book of Revelation focusing in particular on chapters twelve (12) and seventeen (17).  The first principle we need to realize as we study the book of Revelation is that the book is written primarily in symbolic language. In other words the book uses figures and symbols … Continue reading Revelation’s Two Women, Part 1 | MG Blog