December 2021

The Christian walk is not an altogether smooth-sailing journey. There are seasons where we will encounter trials, tribulations and persecutions. Learn how these experiences, when responded to well, can work out for our good…Download PDF

MAY 2020

Preparation for the Second Coming of Christ is a matter to be soberly considered. Jesus gives counsel to the generation living in the last days…Download PDF

JULY 2019

The presence of the Holy Spirit has been promised as a
precious gift to the church through all ages till the end
of time. How can Christians tap into the power and blessing of this mighty agency?…Download PDF

December 2018

The Second Coming of Christ is a promise cherished by Christians in all ages… Download PDF

July 2018

Daniel 2 contains a fascinating prophecy opening events of the imminent future…Download PDF

March 2018

Will your anchor hold?…Download PDF

December 2017

Reflections on Dinde….Download PDF

July 2017

Reflections on Guruve Mission Trip 2017…Download PDF

February 2017

The Trial of Our Faith…Download PDF

August 2016

Reflections on Chivhu Mission Trip 2016…Download PDF

April 2016

Hastening His Coming…Download PDF

December 2015

An army rightly trained…Download PDF

September 2015

Reflections on Mhlotshana Mission Trip 2015…Download PDF

April 2015

Gathering the Master’s Harvest…Download PDF

August 2014

Reflections on Gokwe Mission Trip 2014…Download PDF

February 2013

A Missionary Spirit…Download PDF

December 2012

Reflections on Magunje Mission Trip 2012…Download PDF

August 2012

Introduction to Mission Go…Download PDF